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with Federal or Major Agency Funding must be accompanied by four pages from the grant The protocol review process is complex, and the quality of the protocol being reviewed can make all the difference in the efficiency with which an IACUC can conduct a thorough and complete review. Checklist. Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario: Lab Animal Use Protocol, Wildlife Protocol, and Pedagogical Merit Review forms. support, an IACUC protocol, and an account or purchase order number is assured in The eIACUC can be accessed at in the ARC Portal. Murine Colonies:Colonies of mice and all mice created locally by methods of genetic engineering involving Amendment Request form for ACORP Studies (MS Word). Page 2 form PHS 398 (or a similar page) wherein the project description in abstract Use if your study has a protocol from a sponsor, cooperative group, coordinating center, lead PI. Open or save ‘Section A – Main IACUC Protocol Template’ to your computer hard drive. The IACUC conducts a review of proposed animal use (i.e., new protocol submissions, annual/triennial reviews, and/or significant changes proposed to approved IACUC protocols) and determines if it is in accordance with the PHS Policy. A: No. For use each semester in submitting instructor acknowledgement of IACUC-approved procedures in a class. a Mouse Colony with proposed support from a federal or major funding agency is contingent Sample IACUC Protocol Evaluation of compound effects on EAE development in C57BL/6 mice Introduction and use permissions This document is offered as a sample IACUC protocol. National Institutes of Health (NIH), OLAW: Animal Study Proposal PI must upload in section 13 (i.e., section for Housing at Satellite Locations) a Louisiana State University (PDF) National Institutes of Health (Institutional Official Policy Memos), Template, Word doc. Resources are viewable at eIACUC Training Resources website. IACUC 04-00 Animal Use Protocol Final Report for Study Closure. New Scientist … system. IACUC Protocol Amendment Form, fillable form: To open this form on your computer, please choose one of the following options depending on whether you use a PC or Mac: On a PC, the following form works best using Internet Explorer to open IACUC Protocol Amendment form PDF. Any change proposed to an IACUC-approved Satellite Animal Facility Disaster Response PlanApplications proposing to house animals for greater than 12 hours at satellite facilities This will bring you to an edited version of the already active protocol. Template for Satellite Animal Facility Disaster Response Plan (PDF). Copyright © 2021, University of South Florida. the 3-year approval period of the protocol (i.e., grant not funded during year one If the original application was drafted using the paper IACUC application, use the Annual Protocol Review Form . Q5: I'm submitting my annual Progress Report through IRBNet and have some minor changes I want to make to the procedures the IACUC has already approved; can I submit the renewal and the updated protocol in the same package? Here you Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Animal Research/Teaching Protocols (MS Word). IACUC Protocol Applications The IACUC is committed to ensuring that quality animal research at UTHSC is conducted in an ethical and responsible manner. eIACUC is located within the Division of Research Integrity & Compliance (DRIC) Once you've created a Review Checklist template that is active for the associated Protocol Type you can then enable by role within the IRB Configuration and IACUC Configuration tabs. sections of the application (e.g., "Special Husbandry") an emergency/disaster response Starting January 1, 2013 all new IACUC research protocols MUST be submitted through protocol must be within the scope of the original hypothesis and/or purpose of animal research hypothesis. IACUC Protocols with Other Funding IACUC protocol applications with other proposed sources of funding need not be accompanied by a grant proposal, but Comparative Medicine will not fill requests for animals or service under a specific IACUC-approved protocol until an association between fiscal support, an IACUC protocol, and an account or purchase order number is assured in writing. Approval of an IACUC protocol application other than an Application to Establish/Maintain TABLE OF CONTENTS University Policy University Standards, IACUC Guidance, and Templates Anesthesia & Analgesia Care & Welfare Housing & Transportation IACUC Protocol Information Procedures & Services UNIVERSITY POLICY UNIVERSITY POLICY On the Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals for Research, … Continued If an activity involving animals that is described in an IACUC-approved protocol is IACUC PROTOCOL REVIEW FORM All protocols must be typed. IACUC Form 11-01 Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement. If the original application was drafted using the electronic IACUC (eIACUC) application, ; In the Full Protocol, you will use the following to answer questions: . will find an overview of the requirements for each of the 5 points of the VAS. This will allow you to see the appropriate listing of section template documents. This is the NIH/FDA published protocol template that Northwell Health is adopting for all studies involving an FDA regulated product. Need Help? in items 7 and 8 on page 2 of the IACUC protocol will contribute. modifications to an existing eIACUC protocol. IACUC Protocols with Other FundingIACUC protocol applications with other proposed sources of funding need not be accompanied In the United States, the rules and forms required are typically set by the schools Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). ultrasound, bioluminescence, fluorescence) that will assist you with your input. More information on template creation using form developer can be found in the Protocols - Templates article. All initial protocol submissions related to IACUC protocols must be submitted using eProtocol beginning January 21, 2021. use. Principal Investigators developing applications for VA funded Merit Review grants Applications for Research Compliance (ARC) platform. maintain, and use animals. instructions regarding use of the ARC system and processes applicants use when proposing A new or additional funding source other than federal or major agency sources, A change in the certified research personnel other than PI and Surgeons, Addition of another strain of the same species without a change in procedures or an Use for all other studies. submitted directly to the veterinarian from within the system. If your study only involves observational procedures, use this checklist to see if your study requires IACUC review. Every university and school has their own requirements and rules for animal care. Complete the form and save it in a folder to store all research documents related to this protocol. Veterinarian Review:All vertebrate animal use must first be pre-reviewed by USF veterinarians. eIACUC applications can be proposed to the IACUC, but will only secure IACUC approval The ACORP version 3 is being replaced by ACORP version 4. writing. The protocols provided here are meant only as examples, and to provide useful information to you as your prepare you own protocol. service under a specific IACUC-approved protocol until an association between fiscal contract proposals and cooperative agreements for submission to the NIH. All rights reserved. Sample report for preparing the semiannual report to be submitted to the Institutional Official by the IACUC. Modifications can be made by submitting protocol on comparable protocol and proposal titles and narratives. or revisions to an IACUC-approved protocol. The system is web-based and can be accessible by internet. production only, or animal tissue use only. To assist IACUC users with converting to the electronic process, ORS has entered all information for currently approved protocols into the online protocol application. INSTITUTIONAL ANIMAL CARE AND USE COMMITTEE (IACUC) NIH ASSURANCE #A4107-01 Animal Utilization Proposal Form Protocol # AUP-2020-05-13318-----Protocol Title: Sample Form_2020 Approval Period: Draft Important Note: This Print View may not reflect all comments and contingencies for approval. 3.1.1 of the common eIACUC application.IACUC Certification of Personnel Required for Protocol Approval. This form is used for changes which are limited to: Procedural Change Request form for ACORP Studies (MS Word). There is a report template in IRBNet under the Forms and Templates link or under Designer Step 1. a Request to Amend an Animal Use Protocol form. In making this determination, the IACUC confirms that the protocol will be conducted in accordance The IACUC Administrator’s Guide to Animal Program Management supports IACUC administrators who assist with developing, managing, and overseeing a program of animal care and animal use. used are identified. NOTE: The Initial Protocol Application MUST be completed and attached for all initial protocol submissions and either revised or re-completed for all Triennial Renewals. A single IACUC protocol cannot be used to represent the animal use activities of multiple Other online submissions for electronic protocols This includes faculty, postdoctoral associates, graduate students, NC State staff (e.g., animal care and husbandry technicians) and undergraduate students who work with animals. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. grant. If you need help completing Procedural changes can include any amendment topic mentioned above and other changes Please check the comments section of the online protocol.-----* * * Personnel Information * * … If you need help completing an For use in describing animal housing/breeding conditions and practices. an IACUC application, or assistance in incorporating suggested revisions to your draft of the research. IACUC/Animal Protocol. Instructions for IACUC Certification of Personnel Using Animals or Animal Tissues (MS Word) VA Merit Applications-ACORP. Protocol Template Forms. Protocols must be approved by the IACUC prior to the initiation of any investigation or teaching activity involving vertebrate animals. must submit the animal component for their research project to the IACUC using the Laboratory Use . in the IACUC-approved protocol.7 The total number of cells injected per subcutaneous site should be no greater than 1-5 million cells in 100 µl unless otherwise approved in the IACUC protocol. Faculty, researchers and staff should use one of two formats for proposing amendments IACUC Form 07-00 Post Approval Monitoring Audit Checklist. Document Description; IACUC Protocol Instructions and Checklist (DOC) Instructions and checklist for submitting an IACUC Protocol Application: Observation Only Study Checklist (DOC) If your study only involves observational procedures, use this checklist to see if your study requires IACUC review. applicants in completing the Vertebrate Animal Section (VAS) of grant applications, Documentation of IACUC approval for each protocol Any approved amendments to aforementioned protocols that affect the DOD funded study as well as documentation of IACUC approval of those amendments Completed ACURO Animal Use Appendix (65 KB) for EACH protocol* Signed PI Assurance (last page of appendix) * In the past, there were 2 different versions of the appendix available for use; … A single, common eIACUC application format is used for proposing all study types involving Only one protocol per federal or major agency research Animal husbandry Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template. Personnel Amendment Form . Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocols online via the Electronic IACUC (eIACUC) submitting a Request to Amend an Animal Use Protocol form. For use in requesting minor modifications to an already-approved protocol. IACUC application, contact: There are Help Texts throughout the common eIACUC application providing guidance, Sample IACUC Protocols. New Scientists. We no longer accept any new IACUC protocol submitted on "paper". All personnel working with live animals under an IACUC protocol must access the AALAS Learning Library for required training. by a grant proposal, but Comparative Medicine will not fill requests for animals or Download and complete any applicable documents prior to attaching them to your Coeus IACUC Protocol record. Enabling Checklists. Boise State University, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, IACUC Protocol Instructions and Checklist (DOC), Laboratory Animal Use Protocol Application (DOC), Instructions and checklist for submitting an IACUC Protocol Application. 2) New PDF-based protocol form template. Protocol titles should not exceed two lines of 50 characters each. All protocols must have a Section E: Experimental Design, and Section N: Instructions for Emergency Animal Care. How many protocols can be used on a single grant? USAF Protocol Template Date Modified 1Feb2004 U.S. AIR FORCE / DOD-SPONSORED ANIMAL RESEARCH PROPOSALS MUST USE THIS STANDARDIZED FORMAT Reference DOD Directive 3216.1 & AFMAN 40 -401(I) ***** Specific information requested in the following animal-use protocol template is a result of requirements of the Animal Welfare Regulations (AWR), the Guide for the Care and Use of … This website is maintained by Research Integrity & Compliance. change in the direction of research that would affect how animals are used. Please note that Georgetown University. IACUC instructor signature page. To be used if you are using multiple species in your research. The plan should include specific measures/provisions and indicate whether if the building suggestions, and template responses (e.g., mouse imaging using MRI, CT/PET/SPECT, New protocols are approved for a maximum of 3 years, and the progress of ongoing studies must be reviewed by the IACUC annually through submission of an Annual Review of an Animal Use Protocol form by the Investigator. Protocol Plus Template. Investigators should aim to provide all required information (using nontechnical language when possible) so that any IACUC member reading the protocol can get a comprehensive understanding of … Please address questions to IACUC by email or telephone: (813) 974-7106 or fax: (813) 974-7091. IACUC Form 06-00 Animal Use Protocol and Grant Congruency Review Checklist. For all VA paper ACORP submissions, please complete, sign and date the Conflict of Studies that exceed 3 years must fully re-submit a renewal protocol prior to the expiration of previous protocol. Vertebrate Animal Section (VAS) for Grant Applications to the NIHThe Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) has developed a new factsheet to assist Note that the IACUC protocol must represent an aspect of the broad 165Tampa, FL 33620, USA813-974-5638. Written IACUC approval is required prior to implementing any postdoctoral fellowship, and departmental funds), the PI must inform the IACUC by Summary: Members of the IACUC Administrative Community during a roundtable discussion will talk about a couple of hot topics: 1) a Universal Protocol Template that can be used to reduce regulatory burden; and 2) The institution’s responsibility when conducting research that involves Client Owned Animals. IACUC Form 03-00 Animal Use Protocol Annual Review Form. To be used if you need to list more than one investigator or key personnel on your protocol application. These must be uploaded directly into the eIACUC system. Faculty, researchers and staff must secure approval for any changes prosed to an approved Section F, Item 1 of the Research Plan of format PHS 398 (or a similar page) wherein will continue to use paper submissions for procedural changes and amendments. VA ACORP. including a change in PI or Surgeons, a change to major funding source, a change to ; Complete the General Questionnaire to determine necessary questions for your protocol and click Next. Skip Over Breadcrumbs and Secondary Navigation, Semiannual IACUC Facility & Program Inspections, Instructions for IACUC Certification of Personnel Using Animals or Animal Tissues, Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Animal Research/Teaching Protocols, How to Navigate and Create a new eIACUC application, How to Submit a New eIACUC Application Using the ARC Portal, Satellite Animal Facility Disaster Response Plan, How to Prepare and Submit an Amendment Request, Procedural Change Request form for ACORP Studies, Questions regarding ARC registration can be directed to 974-2880 or. From the Manage Protocols screen, click +New Protocol and select IACUC; Complete the General Information questions and click Next. protocol. Animal Use Protocol Form - New, Revisions and 3-year Renewals. To this end, the IACUC reviews all animal use protocols, ensures compliance with federal regulations, inspects animal facilities and laboratories and oversees training and educational programs. Applicants will indicate the type of study being proposed to the IACUC under item To be used if you need to make changes to your existing approved protocol application. supported by multiple grants with different titles (e.g., one research grant, one IACUC protocols that were originally approved on paper prior to December 31, 2012, Interest Disclosure Form and submit to our IACUC office by email. Example SOP; Rodent Anesthesia and Postoperative Monitoring Template (PDF, Word Document) Non-rodent Species … A memorandum It provides many options and possibilities for specific operational practices (e.g., how to build a well-functioning IACUC, what a functional protocol template looks like) to satisfy regulatory … whenever proposing amendments or revisions to an approved eIACUC protocol. Drexel University. For the latest version of VA ACORP forms please check the VA Research & Development website. eIACUC application, or assistance in incorporating suggested revisions to your eIACUC If you prefer using Google Chrome or Firefox, make sure to use the following instructions found here. 3702 Spectrum Blvd. To be used if you need to renew your protocol application. Face Page of form PHS 398 (or a similar page) that shows that the grant title and Other IACUC Forms. ACORP version 3. For the procurement of animals in a laboratory setting. Ste. funding. For research to be conducted in a laboratory setting. These documents are sample IACUC protocols, offered as a … paper request forms provided below for proposing changes to an IACUC-approved protocol. Protocol Amendment Forms. \rThese form\ s can be located via the "Add a Document" page. Submit the original and 12 copies to the Office of Research Services, Room 27, 150, City Avenue (610-660-1205). In addition you can Animal Study Proposal Sample animal study proposal to aid institutions and IACUCs in the development of institutional animal care and use protocol forms. Protocol template: When to use: Clinical Trial Template. Upon completing ARC registration, a new application to the IACUC can be drafted. Next, Select a Document: choose Section A – Main IACUC Protocol Template from the drop-down options to begin building your package. outside of Comparative Medicine‐managed animal facilities must describe in appropriate name of the Principal Investigator match those of the IACUC protocol application. be used to document departmental support of a proposal. after all personnel contributing to the proposed study have been certified by the IACUC as having adequate knowledge and experience to perform their duties. Permission is hereby granted to use, modify, and reproduce this protocol without … A Research Services Agreement and/or a letter on company letterhead indicating of the protocol, but awarded during year two), the PI must inform the IACUC by submitting Satellite Animal Facility Disaster Response Plan. Now, back at "Step I" - select the IACUC library from the upper pull-down menu. familiarize yourself with the eIACUC Application Process: How many grants can be used on a single protocol? In an effort to move the IACUC toward a paperless protocol system, the IACUC has developed a new, fillable-PDF version of its animal use protocol form. recombinant DNA (rDNA) must first be represented by an IACUC-approved Application … If a grant not originally declared in the IACUC application is awarded later during beginning May 1, 2013, the USF IACUC will no longer accept and process the previous use the ARC system described below for proposing changes to an IACUC-approved protocol. The following Interactive web-based training videos provide you an intuitive way to The "Electronic IACUC (eIACUC) Application Instructional Manual" provides detailed changes. species, or any changes to the protocol which remain within the scope of the original federal or major agency research grants or contracts each with budgets to purchase, Research Protocol Template . A single research grant or contract may be represented by more than one IACUC-approved In the is planned for lock-down due to an approaching storm, the study will not be initiated application, contact Robert Engelman by email or telephone at 974-5092. form summarizes the scope of work to which the purpose(s) and procedure(s) described Faculty, researchers and staff can now electronically complete and submit to the Institutional New Applications -  Applications to the Institutional Animal Care & Use CommitteeChanges to a Protocol - Amendments or Revisions to an IACUC-approved Protocol, IACUC Forms & Resources for PIs and Staff - USF Box Link(This link does not require a password.). a description of the proposed use of the animals and the species of animals to be Most institutions have instituted an animal care and use protocol form that investigators are required to complete and submit to the IACUC. Any communication/documentation from/with the granting/funding agency indicating a from the departmental Chairperson or other signature authority on the account may First Page of the Research Plan (or a similar page) that includes the Specific Aims All previously approved protocols can continue to use the PDF forms for amendments and annual renewals until the protocol is due for a 3-year resubmission, which must be submitted in the online form for IACUC review. Protocol Form; IACUC Forms and Templates; Humane Endpoints; Numbers Justification; Fluid Shelf Life; Surgery for Rodents; VMTH Clinical Trial Form; Forms & Templates – IACUC. Faculty, researchers and staff should use the ARC system and eIACUC modification process and to modify these new protocols. animals, including research, teaching, wildlife in natural settings, murine colonies only, antisera proposal as described below. Mouse Colony Protocols with Any Source of FundingAn electronic Application to Establish/Maintain a Murine Colony need not be accompanied by a grant proposal regardless of the proposed source of For reporting sick or the purported abuse of animals.

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