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Occupational Health – contact occupational.health@cuanschutz.edu or 303-724-9145 to schedule an appointment. UCSF – Institutional Animal Care Use Committee is “Advancing Health Worldwide” by promoting humane care and use of animal subjects in research. Registering for IACUC training is a simple process beginning with: • Send registration email - IACUC.Training@uc.edu • Provide name, date of training, and name of PI • Wait to receive confirmation email • Have a PI or senior lab member complete an Addition of Personnel form and bring to training … This policy outlines training and health and safety requirements for personnel involved in research or teaching with animals at UC Santa Cruz. This training will cover topics such as submitting a hazard service request to LAMS prior to agent use, communication and labeling requirements, agent disinfectant and hold time, transportation of animals harboring hazardous agents within LAMS and to IACUC‐approved satellite facilities, disposal of dirty caging, safety equipment/information, and necropsy procedures. The IACUC also serves as the enforcement agency for the proper treatment and care of animals at UC Santa Cruz. You will find detailed information regarding SSO. Watch Youtube. UC Merced Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) will continue to process, review and approve protocol submissions. DARS office. Contact the ITS Service Desk directly at servicedesk@ucsd.edu or (858) 246-4357. What kind of training is required by the IACUC? Article: A Program for Standardized Training in Rodent Handling at a Large … Vivarium Animal User Training Requirements; Vivarium Space Assignment; Programmatic Policies. Re-training notifications will be sent to individuals and the PI beginning at 90 days prior to the individual’s training anniversary date. Contact E-mail: animaltraining@uc.edu Phone: 513-558-5106 or 513-558-5187. Upcoming Submission Deadlines: Deadline for February 8, 2021 meeting is Friday, January 29, 2021 *Vet pre-review deadline for the meeting on March 8, … SSO is maintained by UC San Diego IT Services. UC Davis Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Title: Training Requirements for Personnel Working with Live, Vertebrate Animals Used in Research and/or Teaching I. ... IACUC Office email: ... FAQ Policies Links LOG IN to Animal Use Protocol System Training Report Concerns Contacts Glossary Departments. Step 1: Occupational Health Screening. All on-line courses are available in the UC Learning Center.. BRER trainings: The links below will only work after you log in to UC Learning Center (https://training.ucsf.edu/).). Completion of the UCR/AALAS on-line animal user training. You must first establish an SSO account in order to access the Animal Use Protocol System. Log In × IACUC. Step 3: In-Person Training Hands-On Species-specific training is required for all personnel that will be in direct contact with animals. Berkeley eProtocol IACUC - Sample Form In eProtocol, one form is used for new applications to conduct either research or teaching using live vertebrate animals. Staff. Documents related to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the proper treatment of animals at the University of Cincinnati. Step 2: Online Training. How To Become A Laboratory Animal Coordinator (LAC). 209-228-4613. You can also find the specific eCourse by typing keywords in the learning search box (i.e. Once all of the necessary training on the Checklist has been completed, personnel must contact the IACUC Office to set up an appointment to drop off their OHS form sealed in an envelope and signed Researcher Training Checklist. This two-hour orientation reviews the history, regulations, policies and laws regarding animal subjects research, as well as the IACUC basics. EHS Laboratory/Radiation/Clinical Worker Registration (Lab Worker Form). Next IACUC Meeting February 8, 2021. Sponsor Requirements for RCR Training Training in RCR Research Misconduct. Contact E-mail: animaltraining@uc.edu Phone: 513-513-558-5171 or 513-558-6073. General Information: Online Orientations (Research Profile, Animal Handler Form, IACUC Online Orientation, and DCM Online Orientation). The UC Institution Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a federally mandated committee that oversees and evaluates all animal use in research and/or teaching, as well as all animal facilities. IACUC Chair at 805-893-2659. Mission and Vision. IACUC office. The IACUC’s typical protocol turn-around time is about five weeks. Following submission of this form, access and directions will be provided for the following components of the training requirements: Occupational Health Review (see below). Take your immunization records, your initial medical surveillance questionnaire, your employee ID #, and a speedtype (account to which any tests/immunizations will be charged) to your appointment. The University of ... (OCV) to review the lab space, training and to consult on any requirements for vivaria space. LAMS. Annual Review of the Animal Handler Form. Contacts in the UC San Diego Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) office. ... Agreement (MTA). Attending Veterinarian at 805-893-7344 or 805-451-5931. IACUC-Specific Information ALLERGIES: Occupational Health and Safety. 7 Shop Safety Training – Contact EH&S Voluntary EH&S 17 Aseptic Surgical Technique - eLearning Once IACUC 8 Fume Hood Training – eLearning Once EH&S 18 Zoonosis of Nonhuman Primates – eLearning Once CVS 9 PPE – Depending on ... 07/2014 UC Davis Safety Training Matrix Page 2 UC Davis Safety Training Checklist . IACUC Training This Researcher Training Checklist was created to assist faculty, staff, and students with completing their initial requisite training. For technical support, please call 513-558-2101 or email web.central@uc.eduweb.central@uc.edu Log in with your UCSF MyAccess username and password. Find out about the Institutional Animal Care and Use Program, which includes the Animal Care Program and IACUC Office. To complete the online training go to: https://www.citiprogram.org. Do not contact the IACUC office as they have no control over SSO. Research Integrity … Applicability This policy applies to any personnel involved in research, teaching, or training in the use of live animals conducted at or under the jurisdiction of UCSC. Orientation to Animal Research at UCSD is a mandatory course which acquaints researchers with regulations, health hazards involved with the use of animals, and best practices in animal handling. Purpose: To establish the training policy for personnel working with live, vertebrate animals in … IACUC Office. Visit Directions. The IACUC and Animal Care Program sponsor training and instruction in the humane care and use of animals and on the rules and regulations for working in the animal facility. Personnel who already have allergies to other things may be at increased risk for developing allergies to animals. University of California Policy on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching The … All personnel listed on a protocol must take the UC Davis IACUC Three-Year Retraining Exam OR complete the ACU 101 on-line course every three years. BRER I). IACUC Membership; Program of Veterinary Care; Review of SOPs; UC Policy. As a tool to allow investigators to see the questions in the Protocol Information section (the main section of each form) and to work on addressing these questions offline, we have created the sample form below. Register online at UC Learning Center . Allergies to laboratory animals may develop with prolonged exposure. LOG IN to Animal Use Protocol System. 209-228-4040. II. See also. The IACUC recommends that all animal research proceed as planned. IACUC Office at iacuc@lifesci.ucsb.edu or 805-893-5855. Phone. The University of Denver's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is continuing to provide ongoing support of protocols involving the use of animals. Animal Care and Use Protocols must be approved by the IACUC before any activities (research, teaching, or testing) are conducted on live, vertebrate-animals. Email Web Support. Requirements for Conduct of Research Involving Animals. Berkeley eProtocol IACUC Form Update Guidance for Principal Investigators The eProtocol Animal Use Protocol (AUP) form has been updated to provide a clearer and more comprehensive format. Vivarium/Lab/Satellite Facility Inspection Updates: As the campus continues with the opening phases of returning to campus if your lab/vivarium rooms and/or satellite facilities were not inspected in June/July of 2020 you will need to contact the IACUC office at iacucoffice@colorado.edu to schedule an inspection. ... Health & Safety Radiation Safety Programs page for information regarding forms, training and safety. the Principal Investigator (PI) can authorize certain personnel […] All faculty who plan to submit a new application for animal use or a revised application containing new species or techniques should meet with the administrator of IACUC to go over the application. Read News. Compliance Training Go To Categories ; Go To Workshops ; New user? The committee regularly performs inspections of animal facilities, reviews the animal care and use program, performs post-approval reviews, and maintains the authority to suspend research funding should any concerns arise. Log In ; Go To Categories ; Go To Workshops ; New user? UC Berkeley requires that, prior: to working with vertebrate animals, all individuals must be listed on an Animal Use Protocol and complete a basic online training course (“Working with the IACUC” if they intend to conduct research, testing and/or use animals in teaching. The Research and Economic Development Office is required to review these contracts in accordance with UC mandated restrictions. Online CITI training may be required for all University of California personnel listed on a UC Santa Cruz Institutional Animal Care and Use (UCSC IACUC) protocol application before the UCSC IACUC will grant approval. IACUC Contacts; Next IACUC Meeting Date: December 2, 2020 ; Research Integrity & Education IACUC (Animal Welfare) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) COVID-19 Update. Overview: For a good overview of occupational health for animal users, read: Working Safely with Animals.. Completion of a UC Riverside AUP Personnel Add Form by the PI and trainee, submitted to iacuctraining@ucr.edu. Note that online training Front Desk 949.824.7295 The IACUC's primary role is to ensure the ethical and humane care and use of animals in research, testing and teaching. The UCSD Institutional Animal Care and Use Program ensures the appropriate care, use, and humane treatment of animals used for research, testing, and education. Attending Veterinarian. Protocol Submission Protocols are submitted to the IACUC through the IACUC’s online protocol system. The IACUC is a faculty committee responsible for reviewing all animal use protocols, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, inspecting animal facilities and laboratories, and overseeing training and educational programs. 209 ... Only individuals with Principal Investigator status at UC Merced can submit a new AUP. About the IACUC. IACUC New Member Orientation New members are asked to attend in-person orientation with an Office of Research Compliance and Integrity staff member.

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